While I have strong opinions about most of the political issues that I know about, I do have to acknowledge that, in most cases, people can reasonably come to different conclusions based on reasonable differences in core beliefs, or the way that they structure arguments.  I do not think that having a more-or-less reasonable argument makes them right, but I do respect how they reached their conclusions.

There are, however, certain key issues wherein I think that any reasonable examination, any honest review, must inevitably lead to a specific conclusion.  This is a list of some of those issues:

  1. The electoral college creates more problems than it solves and should be eliminated.
  2. Gerrymandering is an inexcusable act wherein politicians manipulate the vote, and it should be eliminated immediately.
  3. While public school systems are not perfect and should undergo serious review and restructuring, they are hugely important and cannot be replaced with any sort of voucher or privatization system.
  4. Voting is a right, in the U.S..  As such, any requirement placed on the citizenry by the government in order to vote, becomes a responsibility that the government has to the citizenry.  If voting is allowed only in a specific place at a specific time, it becomes the government’s responsibility to make sure that the citizens can get there, then.  And if the government is going to require that you have a specific form of ID, then it becomes the governments responsibility to make certain that everyone can easily obtain that ID, at no cost.
  5. The minimum wage needs to hold steady against inflation.  Allowing it to stagnate inflate the number of people in poverty, and damages the economy.

There are more, but those are the five that came to mind at the moment.


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